Friday, September 5, 2014

The Decision - Goal for Jacksonville marathon

After  23 weeks of keeping a steady 25-30 mile per week average including speed work every week with my running group " The Temple Terrace Running Group" I've finally decided on my goal time for the Jacksonville Marathon which will be run on Sunday December 28th 2014.

Now the back story to this is I was supposed to run Jacksonville last year however I came down with a terrible case of tendinitis in my right knee and I had to pull out of the race. I learned a valuable lesson going through that experience. I spent all of 2013 preparing for 1 race and I forgot to enjoy the journey. Once I realized this I vowed to never do that again. So I'm stopping to smell the roses and have some fun with some other races this year...

Gasparilla 8k in February

Miles for Moffit 5 miler in May

Lowry Park Zoo Run Run in August 

Amy and I Trail Running at Hillsborough River State Park in September
I've had a blast so far in 2014 and I plan on doing more race in preparation for Jacksonville. I even started my own running group this year: The Temple Terrace Running Group. I started the group to help other runners reach their goals of running a 5k all the way up to a marathon and have a little fun along the way. :) We meet every Wednesday at 6:45pm at the track at Greco Middle School. For more information you can check out our website at

Here are a few pics form our meetups:

Me, Nichole Adrian and Janice - Temple Terrace
 Running Group

Me,Marlena, Nichole and Janice - Temple Terrace Running Group

Marlena, Terence, Rae and Paul - Temple Terrace Running Group

Paul, Terence, Nichole and Janice - Temple Terrace
Running Group

Amy, Terence and Kris - Temple Terrace Running Group

So as you can see we've had a blast training and getting ourselves ready for our prospective race. As I've gone over my training and looked at my paces I've decided to set my goal for Jacksonville Marathon at 3:30. That's an 8 min per mile pace. This is huge for me because my fastest marathon so far is Twin Cities where I ran it in 3:55 back in 2012.  My plan is to get myself in shape to run this 3:30 and then next year go for the BQ... 3:15!!! Yea,  I know...

As usual I will be fueling myself with the best products on the planet to get my body ready. I will be using the Isagenix E + Energy shot for that quick shot of energy before my long run efforts and I will be recovering with my Isalean Pro shakes. 36 grams of pure Undenatured Protein. Perfect for replenishing the muscles after a hard effort. I also will be incorporating more weight lifting and yoga into my weekly schedule. Yes I said yoga... lol

So I'm looking forward to pushing myself to my limits and maybe going over just to see how far I can go. Once I hit this 3:30 it's going to be a huge confidence builder for me to keep working and increasing my speed so I can get that BQ in 2015. My mantra for this marathon cycle will be based on these 2 quotes:

"If it doesn't challenge you it doesn't change you"
" The hammer of persistence drives the nail of success"

I'm ready... Let' go!!

 It's going to be tough but I know I can do it and I know all of you have my back. Thanks for your support and I will be routing for you all  as well in your races or whatever your next endeavor is.

So do you have a BIG race coming up?? What's your goal and have you laid it out in writing yet and made a plan on how you're going to acheive it?? The Time is NOW... :)

This is TY signing off.

Until next time I will see you on the roads...

As always allow the Universe to work in your favor and be blessed... :)

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