Friday, August 22, 2014

Photo Shoot - Live from the Chocolate Factory

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Yesterday I had a great time taking some new photos for my upcoming CD,  "Love's the Only Way."  I'm going to be working hard to get this CD  finished before my marathon in December and before the Posi Music awards in February 2015. That's the goal... I wanted to share some of the pics with you.

I love tickling the Ivories... :) 

This might be the CD cover... :)

Peace... :) 

The time is NOW to start playing the guitar... :)

Strat for life!!

Me and Bullet...

Bullet!! My Strat... :)


I love my Djembe!! :)

Deep thought...


Toca drums make me think...

I love making music!! :)


The time is NOW

Takamine and the NOW
Have a great night everyone. Remember if there is music in your heart, let it out. Whatever it is that makes your heart sing. Do that!! The world needs more people who are passionate and have come alive... :)

This is TY signing off. As always allow the Universe to work in your favor and be blessed... :)

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