Monday, February 24, 2014

Gasparilla 8k race recap - First race of 2014

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Happy Monday peeps!! Well it's been a long road back to running and I'm still not out of the water just yet but I'm making strides and this weekend I completed my first race back the Gasparilla 8k. Yea!! :)
The Gasparilla is our signature event for the running community here in the Tampa Bay area and it consists of 4 races; A 5k, 8k, 15k, and Half marathon. Some people actually do all four races. So here is my weekend race recap...

This year I ran the 8k on Sunday and Amy and Matthew ran the 5k on Saturday. Friday I hit up the 8 on your side Health and Fitness Expo. Grabbed a bunch of goodies for myself, Amy and Matthew. 

Saturday morning Yaniece and I met up with Amy and Matthew to head down for the start of the 5k. Here are some pics before the race.

Amy and I

Matthew and I before the 5k

The time is NOW... :)

Amy, Matthew and Yaniece pre 5k race

Matthew did great and wanted to run some more. Matthew finished in 43:15 and Amy in 43:18.   Here are some pics after the race.

Mathew, Amy and I at the Gasparilla Expo

Yaniece and I at the Gasparilla Expo

Sunday morning Yaniece and I met back up with Amy and Matthew for my race. Here's me getting me E+ Energy shot in before the race. Gotta have it!!

Getting my E+ Energy shot on before the race.

All in all the race went great. My knee has been feeling great but once I started to run again I strained my calf so I've been nursing my calf lately.  I decided to run 2 miles and then walk 1 mile to not aggravate the calf too much and it was a good strategy for me. I enjoyed the race and didn't slow down my healing process. Finished in 1:03:01. Not fast for me by any means but it was great to just get out there and run in a race. I'm sticking with my commitment to myself to enjoy racing this year. Technically speaking though, this is a PR because I've never run an 8k before... lolol 

Bling after the race

So now it's time to figure out what my next race will be???  

How about you?? Did you race this weekend?? How did you do??

This is TY signing off. As always allow the Universe to work in your favor and be blessed... :) 

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