Monday, January 27, 2014

Don't call it comeback!! Two things you must do to comeback from injury

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Good morning peeps!! Yes I'm back. And very happy to be running again. So for today's post I'm going to share with you two things you must do to come back from an injury. I know all too well because I'm just getting back after almost 2 months of not running. 

The first things you must do is go see your doctor to determine what is wrong with you. I spent about almost 2 months guessing what my problem was and using all kinds of treatments that I thought would work. As soon as I went to see the doctor he told me exactly what my problem was and what I needed to do to fix it. So having said that yes I have/had a bad case of tendinitis.  The good news is there is nothing else wrong with my knee. Thank you Dr. Morse at Florida Orthopedic for the great news... :) So what do I need to do. 2 Ibuprofen 1 hour before work out. Spin to get the ligaments warmed up and then go out and run a short distance until I can build my miles back up. It's amazing how just knowing that I will be ok has made a huge difference in how I feel. Today's run was 1 mile after a 10 mile spin. the run felt great and I decided since I'm starting over I might as well work on my stride and foot strike as well. Why not kill two birds with one stone. Yea!! Capped off my workout with a chocolate Isalean shake for recovery.

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The second thing you must do to return from injury is take your time. Most people, especially us runners can't stand to be on the sidelines for long so we rush ourselves back from injury and we end up prolonging the time we are out because we don't fully heal. Take your time and let your body tell you when it it ready for more mileage. If you're in tune with your body you will know when it is speaking to you. Most of us aren't listening to our bodies until we are injured and can't run or workout anymore. If we really are honest with ourselves we know there were signs before the injury that we overlooked.  I'm developing my plan as I go but for right now it's going to be 10 mile spin and 1 mile run for this week. I'll decide next week if I'm going to increase to 1 1/2 miles or even 2 miles after my spin. 

So remember if you want to return back from injury as soon as possible; Go see your doctor and listen to him/her, and second,take your time, and listen to your body. Remember we must take care of our bodies because it's the only place we have to live... :) 

This is TY signing off. As always allow the Universe to work in your favor and be blessed... :) 

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