Monday, November 4, 2013

Weekend recap - running in the rain...

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Happy Monday peeps!!  Here to give you a quick weekend recap. Training is going great and I'm feeling strong!! I finished off my 54 miles last week feeling better than ever...   So here we go!!

Friday 11/1/13 - 10 miles with 6 miles at tempo pace. I ran my tempo miles at an 8:30 pace for this run because that is where my body felt comfortable at for the day. With me running my 20 miler on Wednesday I didn't feel the energy to push the pace anymore. Having said that, this run was superb and I felt rejuvenated afterwards!!  Washed these miles down with good ole fashioned chocolate milk. Not as good as my Chocolate Isalean shake but it did the trick... 

Saturday 11//2/13 - Saturday's run was supposed to be 12 miles however I only did 7. I must say it was a great 7 mile run though. I did 2 easy warm up miles and then ran the last 5 at about an 8:45 pace. The great thing about this run is that I got caught in a huge thunderstorm on the way back. The last 3 miles I was "running in the rain, just running in the rain..." It was refreshing and fun... :) Washed the miles down with a Chocolate Isalean shake. 

Sunday 11/03/13 - I normally don't run on Sundays however since I didn't get all my miles in on Saturday I knew I had to run 5 miles. So I got up early before Church to hit up an easy 5 miler.  Ran these miles at a general aerobic pace; about 9:45. I enjoyed this run because I don't typically run before Church however it was nice to get it in. Washed the miles down with a Vanilla Isalean Shake. And with that run I capped off my 54 miles week. Yea!! :) 

After Church Amy and  I joined my Spiritual Community ,Unity North Tampa for our annual picnic out at Lettuce Lake park. We do this every year and it was a ton of fun. Here are some pics from this weekend's event...

Me, T, and Yaniece chillin

Me, T, yaniece with isagenix
Amy and Matthew with his cookies... :) 

running with isagenix
Amy and I 

unity north tampa isagenix
The Young fam in the woods... 

unity north tampa isagenix
Matthew and Amy 

Me, Amy and Matthew

terence young isagenix
Peace... :) 
So as you can see I had an awesome weekend, how about you??

When's the last time you played in the rain??

This is TY signing off for now. As always allow the Universe to work in your favor and be blessed... :) 

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