Monday, November 11, 2013

Weekend recap - 16 miler and Arts and Crafts Festival

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Goooooooooooooood morning peeps!! First I would be remiss if I didn't say Happy Veteran's day to all the Veterans out there. Thank you for serving and defending our freedoms...

My weekend was great and I'm going to take you through some of it on this weekend recap post. So here we go!!

Friday 11/8/13 - I was off from work so I got up and got in a 6 mile recovery run. It was supper windy out however I really enjoyed this run. I was out in Wesley Chapel where Amy lives and I ran through one of the neighborhoods over there. Beautiful scenery... Washed my miles down with a chocolate Isalean shake.

Did some research and studying for my business during the day on Friday and got a nice little cat nap in as well. Later that night Amy came over and I cooked us a wonderful dinner with baked pork chops, broccoli, brown rice, and muffins with a little honey on top. By the way I discovered this weekend that honey is one of the Best Things Ever!!! I'm just saying... :)

Mr. Honey Bear

Saturday 11/09/13 - I got up early Saturday morning for my long with my running group, The Blue Sharks.  The schedule was 16 miles with 12 at marathon pace.  I met up with Beth Shaw from Discombobulated Running at 5 am to get our morning run on a little earlier than the group start time which is 5:30 am.  Beth had 20 on her schedule . I also shared some of the Isagenix products with Beth and she plans to do a review after using the products. I'm excited to see what she thinks!!  So we were off at 5 am and the first 3 miles were great. Beth and I chatted for a bit and met back up with the group at 5:30 am for the official start. We split off after that and my next 5 miles were ok but not at pace the way I wanted them to go. Once I got out by the airport on Davis Island and the killer wind hit I knew this was not going to be my day. I finished my 16 miles off at an 8:52 pace however that was no where near what I needed to be running for this day. I'm not disappointed with it though I just know I will need to step it up for the next long run to get those pace miles in. After the run I was glad it was over and I didn't have to deal with Mr. killer wind anymore... :)

Running with Isagenix
After my 16 miler, feeling good... :) 

So the rest of Saturday was busy for us. Amy ran up at Rowlett Park and she really liked it!! She did 7 miles and was excited to tell me how beautiful she thought the park was when she got back. We're planning a run slash picnic at Rowlett park really soon...

After our runs were done we had two craft shows to attend and a dinner party. I don't know who planned this day out??? First we went to see Amy's Mom at St Timothy's Church craft show where she had a booth there. Amy's Mom makes beautiful jewelry. If you're looking for some great Christmas gifts let me know and I will show you how to get in touch with her. Her shop's name is " The Beaded Lady".

Next stop was the Temple Terrace Arts and Crafts Festival. Its a great event held at a park right off of the Hillsborough river.  Amy and I go to this one every year. They have some really cool exhibitors there. Here are some pics from that event.

Amy and I at Temple Terrace Arts and Crafts Festival

Amy and I on the Hillsborough River boardwalk

Next stop was a dinner party with friends Saturday night. We had a great time there. Food was delicious. Amy and I made our famous homemade salsa. We left around 9:30 pm though because we were both so tired from our looooooooooong day. Anyways it was a blast!!

The food

Amy and I at " Dinner with a Twist"

Me, Amy and Melissa - our dinner host

Sunday 11/10/13 - Sunday was a relaxing day. Church in the morning with my Spiritual Community, Unity North Tampa. Our group Sounds of Light performed some great tunes including one of my favorites of all time, "Imagine" by John Lennon. What a great song!!

Sunday night Amy cooked a wonderful dinner with baked chicken with garlic and parsley, steamed brocolli and baked potatoes. Peanut Butter chip brownies for dessert. Yea!! :)

And that was my world wind weekend. It was fun and now back to training. I'm taking today off and then back at it tomorrow. The good news is this week is a recovery week for me so the miles won't be too heavy. 43 total miles are scheduled for this week.

So how was your weekend??  What were the highlights for you?

This is TY signing off. As always allow the Universe to work in your favor and be blessed... :)


  1. Busy weekend T! Thanks for running the first few miles with me. Can't wait to try the Isagenix. Thanks!

  2. No doubt! We will have to do it again before Jacksonville. I have some more product coming in next week so I will get with you on that as well.

  3. I love that park by the river in TT. Such a beautiful spot! Looks like a pretty fun weekend :)

    1. Yes it's a great park Steph!! Busy and fun weekend... :)