Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Ode to the Recovery run....

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Happy Hump day peeps!! Wow I can’t believe how fast this training cycle is going by. I’m approaching week 10 already. I will be running in Jacksonville before we know it!!
This week is going well so far. I started the week off with a 14 mile MLR. The run went great and I’m happy where I am in training so far.

Today’s run was a 6 mile recovery run. Actually I have three 6 mile recovery runs this week and then a big 16 miler with 12 miles at marathon pace on Saturday. So as I was looking at my schedule I thought to myself how did I get so fortunate to have 3 recovery runs in a week?? I don’t know but I’m enjoying it!! So this short post is dedicated to the recovery run.

Recovery runs are runs where you want to run at a relaxed paced to loosen your muscles up for your harder workouts during the week. If you can’t hold a conversation during your recovery runs than you’re running too fast. Some people say to run your recovery run 15-25% slower than goal marathon race pace. I tend to stick with this philosophy. Most of my recovery runs are at about a 10– 10:30 pace. I always have to remind myself not to go too fast on recovery runs because I will have a chance to run faster later in the week. This week is a great example of that. I will be taking it easy for the next two days before I unleash on my marathon pace run on Saturday. Yea!!

This is me after this morning’s 6 mile recovery run.

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Recovery run glow... 

Recovery run how I love thee…

So how about you?? Do you look forward to your recovery runs??

This is TY signing off. As always allow the Universe to work in your favor and be blessed...  :) 

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