Friday, November 15, 2013

2 tips you must do to get to the marathon start line healthy - Fantabulous Friday

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Good morning peeps!! Happy Fantabulous Friday to ya!!  In today's post I'm going to share with you the two most important things you must do to get to the marathon start line healthy.  Being that I'm getting ready for Jacksonville I really need to being doing these things myself...  Yes I am doing them...:)  So here we go!!

First and foremost you must listen to your body.  Everybody has a training plan and  it's great to have  a training plan to follow but if your body is telling you it's had enough you need to give it a break. 
As I'm writing this post I'm dealing with a pain in my knee that just came out of nowhere. I know my body well enough that I ran through the pain today during my 8 mile run. If the pain is still there tomorrow though I will be taking the day off and skip my 5 mile recovery run tomorrow. It's just not worth it to go run tomorrow if it's doing more damage than good. The important thing about a marathon training plan is to be able to complete at least 85-90% of it. If you can do that you're in good shape... Remember listen to your body it's always talking to you. The question is are you listening... :)

Second thing you must do is watch what you put into your body. I haven't always been the heathiest eater. Yes I do love my chocolate... dark chocolate; it's good for the heart... :) Having said that since I've been using Isagenix I have been eating a lot healthier and I can feel the difference in my body.

The  marathoners diet should be about 65%  carbs, 20-25% fats ( unsaturated), and 20-25% protein. So you should be piling up the pasta and brown rice as well as eating lots of fresh fruis and vegetables. In addition; fish is super important. One serving a fish shouls be a mainstay on your table each week for the marathoner.  For me I eat pasta every week and I eat plenty of fruits and veggies. The one thing I strugle with is the fish. I have started substituting that with tuna fish though which still gives you some Omega 3's. Yes!!! :) 

So if you can master these 2 tips and get throught 85-90% of your training you should be ready to go on race day and prepared to have an awesome race. 

I'll leave you with a quote my friend told me once on a training run as I was dealing with a calf injury.  He said...   "It's better to show up under trained and healthy than to show up over trained and injured." That was some of  the best advice I ever got.

So how is your training going so far?? Are you getting through the majority of it injury free??

This is TY signing off for now. As always, allow the Universe to work in your favor and be blessed... :)

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