Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday... tough 20 miler!!

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Happy Hump day peeps. Training has been going great so far. Today I’m off from work. Hallelujah!! Of course I worked on Sunday and that’s why I’m off today but I’m not complaining. I’m just going to enjoy it. Just wanted to share my training and how it’s going so far this week. 54 total miles this week so it’s going to be a tough one.

Tuesday 10/29/13 – 7 miles General Aerobic run. Great run. Just enjoyed the miles and took it easy to ease myself back in to this week. Washed the miles down with an Isalean Pro Chocolate shake. Yum!

Wednesday 10/30/13 – Today’s run was tough.. Decided to do my 20 miler today since I knew I wouldn't have the time to do it this weekend and I paid for it. I wouldn't recommend doing 18 miles on Saturday and then 20 miles three days later; not a good look. :) I started out taking it easy however the wheels fell off at mile 15. The last five miles were a run/walk effort. Oh well I will take the 20 miles anyway and live to run another day... I took an E + energy shot before I started to get me focused and ready and washed my miles down with 2 Isalean shakes. One chocolate and one vanilla. Yea!! :)

Yea this was me today....

running with isagenix

So Halloween is tomorrow. Who’s getting dressed up and what are you going to be?? We're having a Pumpkin carving contest at work and here are a few ideas we may use for my team. Let me know what you think??

isagenix pumpkin

Well have a great rest of the week peeps.  This is TY signing off for now. As always remember to allow the Universe to work in your favor and be blessed…

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tuesday tip of the day - Perspective

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In today's video for Tuesday's tip of  the day I share with you my viewpoint on perspective and how it shapes your life... 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekend recap Tedx Tampa Bay

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Wow what a great weekend I had. So let’s get right to it. First and foremost I was woefully wrong on my prediction for Friday. If you remember from this post I thought Amy was taking me to the beach in Venice… Well that didn’t happen.
However we did something even more amazing. We attended TEDx Tampa Bay. Yea!! For those of you not familiar with TEDx here’s the run down. Directly from the official page…
At TEDx events, a screening of TED Talks videos -- or a combination of live presenters and TED Talks videos -- sparks deep conversation and connections. TEDx events are fully planned and coordinated independently, on a community-by-community basis.
The content and design of each TEDx event is unique and developed independently, but all TEDx events have several features in common.
  • TED's celebrated format: A suite of short, carefully prepared talks, demonstrations and performances (given live, or through TED Talks from on a wide range of subjects to foster learning, inspiration and wonder -- and to provoke conversations that matter
  • TED Talks videos: A minimum of two pre-recorded talks from the acclaimed TED Talks video series (these talks are available free on
  • Bias-free programming: Lack of any commercial, religious or political agenda

Here's a pic of Amy and I hanging our before the show...
Amy and I in front of the Palladium pre event.

The event had so many diverse speakers and I truly enjoyed them all. To name a few standouts I must say the 16 year old, Abigail Harrison who is going to be an Astronaut was one of them. She was so poised and gave a great presentation about following your dreams. 

16 year old future astronaut Abigail Harrison on stage

The Touch group from USF who are a full band made up of only Ipads. They rocked!! 

Dr. Csilla Ari who spoke about preserving the Manta Rays. I learned a lot about Manta Rays. They are amazing animals. They can change color daily. Did you know that??? :) 

Tracy Locke, from Tampa Bay Bloggers gave a great presentation on her 12 month experiment on growing without growing. Great quote she used from her daughter who told her that her day was made every day when she wakes in the morning. Very Powerful!!

Tracey doing her thing

The smooth sounds of "The New Math" Great music with a truly unique sound... 

The New Math rocking the stage.

The drum circle presentation by Drum Connection Tampa Bay was the best!! Great presentation by these 3 ladies. Katherine Robinson and Sally Robinson along with the Grandmother as well. Three generations of drummers in the family. Awesome!!   Somehow I ended up on stage with them.. How did that happen??? Lolol  

Katherine Robinson and Sally Robinson

On stage drumming!! 

On stage with the drum circle. Katherine Robinson up front and that's me over there behind Grandma... :) 

I must say it was the most fun ever and I have aspirations to be in the next TEDx Tampa Bay. Look out!! Congrats to all the presenters. Awesome job!!

Here are some more pics from the event.
Me chillin pre event outside the Palladium

Amy really likes her "Sunny Bird"... lol

Amy and I on lunch break

The time is NOW...

Me ready to get started

Before the event

As for training I had an absolutely wonderful 18 mile long run on Saturday. 18 miles at an 8:48 pace. Weather was great although a bit windy. I’m really feeling confident about my training so far and things are clicking and going in the right direction. I took an E+ energy shot before the run and washed the miles down with 2 chocolate Isalean shakes.

So how was your weekend?? Have you ever been to a TEDx event??

This is TY signing off for now. As always allow the Universe to work in your favor and be blessed…

Friday, October 25, 2013

Surprise trip!! Yea!!

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Happy Friday everyone. This week’s training has been going well. I have a BIG run tomorrow but I’m ready. 18 miles is on deck. I’m running them with my running team the Blue Sharks. Yea!!

Ok so for this addition of Fantabulous Friday I am guessing on where Amy and I are going today. Wherever we go I know it’s going to be Fantabulous cuz we’re together. Awww….
So I’m writing this post while at work on Tuesday 10/22/13. Which happens to be my son’s 18 Birthday too. Happy B’day Lil T!! As of today I have no idea where we are going… and she won’t tell…

Amy has planned this secret getaway for us that is 45 minutes SW of Tampa. Hmmm… So I’m not going to tell her what I've guessed but I’m putting it out there to the Universe now. I’m guessing we are going to the Beach in Venice, Fl. There it is… I said it !! So stay tuned and I will come back and post later if I was correct in my guessing… And I will post lots of pics of our wonderful day trip to Venice, FL. I know I’m right… I can just feel it…

This is TY signing off. As always allow the Universe to work in your favor and be blessed... :) 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hump Day!!

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Good morning peeps!! Happy Wednesday to ya!! I’m excited about my progress so far. Yesterday's run was decent.  10 miles with 5 miles at threshold pace. Coulda been faster on the threshold miles but I'm not making any excuses...  Washed the miles down with a chocolate Isalean Pro shake.

Today's run was a 4 mile recovery run and I loved every minute of it.  Recovered with a Vanilla Isalean Shake. Got my shipment yesterday. Yea!! :)

 Isagenix shakes

   This week is flying by and I’m excited to see how my body handles the extra miles.  

On Monday I shared with you how my Church band, “ Sounds of Light” did a rendition of “Man in the Mirror” during the service. Well we also did this song.

It’s an original song I wrote entitled, “A Peace Beyond all Understanding”. They seemed to love it and I was really excited about sharing it with our congregation as well as sharing it with you since I’m also a singer songwriter… So if you don’t mind send me a comment and let me know what you think of my song. Don’t worry I can handle a little constructive criticism. I look forward to hearing from you.

This is TY signing off. As always remember to allow the Universe to work in your favor and be blessed… )

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tuesday's tip - Don't make Excuses!!

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There's only one person responsible for whether you're successful in life and that person is you.... Here's the Tuesday Tip of the week.  Enjoy...  :)

Monday, October 21, 2013

I'm starting with the Man in the Mirror!! Weekend recap music and more

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"If you wanna make the world a better place take a look at yourself and then make a change!!" Love me some MJ... :) 

Good morning and Happy Monday!! I had a great weekend and I'm revving up for a big 50 mile week of training. So here's my weekend recap

Friday I got in a great 5 mile recovery run. Last week was a recovery week so all of my runs were relatively short and easy. Two  8 milers and a 4 and 5 miler. I really enjoyed all of these runs. Unfortunately I didn't get in my 12 mile MLR for Saturday. I'm not sweating it though. I'll take it as well deserved rest time.  I did however have a great time with my daughter out at my Mom's house. We had some great family time and had some delicious BBQ!! Yes!! :)

Saturday night my son came over late after he got off from work and we got to enjoy a little family time. Watched some College Football and MLB playoffs before going to bed. Yaniece wasn't really in to the whole football and baseball thing...

Sunday morning was Church at Unity North Tampa. And as I mentioned last week I was leading worship this week so it was super fun!! I always get excited when I get the opportunity to lead because I get to share even more of my gifts and talents. On this Sunday our band, "Sounds of Light" was a duo ( myself and Lynn our keyboardist) but we rocked the house with a rendition of "Man in the Mirror" for our opening song.  Here is the video

 So I know this post doesn't have much to do about training but it's the other things that I do that help me stay balanced and get me through my tough training days. With that being said, I have 2 really tough weeks coming up. This week will be total of 50 miles with an 18 miler for my long run. Next week will be a total of 54 miles with my first 20 miler of this training cycle for my long run. So I have have my work cut out for me these next few weeks.. I wish they could all be recovery weeks... lolol

So how about you?? How's your race training coming along?? Drop me a line and let me know.

This is TY signing off for now. As always allow the Universe to work in your favor and be blessed... :)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Weekend recap and Iron Man Triathlon Championships

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Good morning all and happy Monday to ya!! I'm sure you all are ripping and ready to go for another week. Yes??? :)  I had an amazing weekend and I'm going to share it with you in this post. So here goes...

Friday after work I got my traditional General Tso's chicken for my pre race or long run meal. Yes I said it and it is awesome. Hey don't knock til you've tried it... Friday night Amy and I watched World War Z at home and just relaxed. It was a pretty good movie. Had the whole Zombie thing going on.

Saturday morning I got up at 4:30 am to head out to Fit Niche in Hyde park to meet up with my running group the Blue Sharks. Met up with B.S from  Discombobulated Running  and got to chat it up with a few other people before heading out. My schedule was 16 miles with 10 @ marathon pace which is an 8 min per mile pace for me.

So we headed out at 5:30 am sharp. My first two miles were warm up miles and then I got into my rhythm and started my pace miles. The weather was perfect out this morning. Maybe 67 degrees or so with little wind. I nailed my pace miles and had plenty left in the tank. This was def my best run of the marathon training cycle so far. I loved every minute of it. Funny thing is when I got back to my car and I was checking my mile splits I realized I had only run 9 miles at pace instead of 10. Somehow in my run euphoria I missed a mile. lolol So now I"m back to my car and I'm stretching and about to take it to the house. I down my Chocolate Isalean shake and get ready to get in my car but I just couldn't do it. It was eating me up so bad that I skipped that mile that I went back out and ran another mile at 7:57 pace just to make up for it. I know I'm crazy like that, but it sure made me feel better. All in all I put in 17 miles at an 8:35 pace. I can really tell the E + Energy shot I'm taking right before my long runs is paying off. Yea!!

After the run I chilled the rest of the day and was thrilled to see that the Ironman World championships were being shown via live feed on the internet.  Yea!!. It was awesome to see the pros in action. Congrats to Frederik Van Lierde for winning the Men's race in 8:12:29.  And congrats to Mirinda Carfrae for winning the Women's race in 8:52:14. I don't know about you but did anyone see MIrinda running the marathon. She went bananas on that course!! If you didn't know any better you would have thought she was running a 10k or something. She ran the marathon portion in 2:50:35. That is insane!!

So I  watched about 9 hours of the Ironman World Championships on Saturday. Congrats to all of the participants who raced on Saturday. What an amazing accomplishment!!After several hours of Ironman watching Amy cooked an amazingly healthy dinner with salmon,, spinach and sweet potatoes... Hmmm... :)

Sunday was a relaxing day. Spent the morning at my spiritual Community Unity of North Tampa where I play in the band and also help teach the Y.O.U. group. And I will be leading worship next Sunday so I'm super excited about that!!  After that we were off to watch some football where the Bucs unfortunately loss again... :(  It's alright, we're going to start calling this a rebuilding year.... Sunday evening Amy and I went for one of our beautiful Sunday bike rides through the neighborhood. It was a nice cap to a great weekend.

So what about you.. how was your weekend?? Did you get a chance to watch any of the Ironman World championships this weekend??

This is TY signing off and as always... Allow the Universe to work in your favor and be blessed... :)

Thursday, October 10, 2013

To stretch, or no to stretch, that is the question...

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Happy Thursday everyone... What a great morning for a 10 mile run. The weather was fantastic!! About 64 degrees...Gotta love that. Washed my 10 miles down with an Isalean Pro chocolate shake. Yea!! :)

So, I just recently saw a great article on stretching on It talked about the effects of stretching and whether you should stretch before or after your run.  I've always thought about this question and have gone back and forth on what I feel is best for me however most recently I feel I have fallen in to the "stretch after running crowd.

In the article which you can read here  it states that warming up is more important than stretching. Warming up has a definite affect on exercise where as stretching before exercise does not.

"A better interpretation is that warming up prevents injury, whereas stretching has no effect on injury.If injury prevention is the primary objective, the evidence suggests that athletes should limit the stretching before exercise, and increase the warm up time." - Elizabeth Quinn 

For me it's been simple. I've noticed that if I just take a few miles to warm up first my runs go a lot better. Sure, when I was a lot younger I could just take off at an 8 minute pace and feel fine but now I need to work my way up to that. It usually takes me 2 to 3 miles to warm up and then I'm ready. lolol. So if I take those few miles to warm up first I fell much better and I notice I don't have any issues with my calf which has been a bother in the past for me. 
After I run I always get in 10 to 15 minutes of good stretching. It's been working for me so I'm sticking with it. :) 

So how about you?? Do you stretch before or after your run. Are you a warm up person like me?? 

This is TY signing off for now... As always allow the Universe to work in your favor and be blessed... :) 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Marathon training month review

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I'm baaaaack!!! Wow it's been a minute since I posted a blog and I feel like I have so much to catch up on!! First of all Happy Monday to you all. It's raining outside here in Tampa, my car battery died yesterday however it's still a beautiful day, cuz I said so... Life is all about perspective... :) So this post I'm going to do my best to get caught up with my first month of marathon training. Or as we like to call it " Mesocycle One - Endurance"!! ( insert Sunday Night Football Night in America voice lolol ) Yea!! It's been tough but I can def see the progression as the miles go up and my body responds...

Week 1: I ran a total of 33 miles. Highlights of the week were my first training run; 8 miles with 4 miles at tempo pace. I was very happy with how I held the tempo pace for those four miles especially at the beginning of my training. The other highlight of the week was my 12 mile Medium Long Run. This run just felt good and I enjoyed it. It was also nice to be finishing my Isagenix 9 day Cleanse right after this run.   .  Food!! Nom,Nom,Nom.... ( Side note.. Hard boiled eggs are the best thing ever; just take my word for it...)

Week 2: I ran a total of 36 miles. Highlight of this week had to be my long run on Saturday 9/21/13 when I ran 13 miles with 8 miles at tempo pace. Solid run and I felt great about my tempo miles. Love running with my running group The Blue Sharks, out on Davis Island. Yea!! :)

Week 3: I ran 35.5 miles. Replaced a 4 mile recovery run with a 12 mile ride during this week that was greatly needed. I could tell my legs were feeling a little weak and they needed the break. This week was my toughest week. Did not have a good tempo run on Thursday 9/26/13. Had to cut it short and it was just overall not a good day for me. Highlights of this week was  a solid 14 miler on Saturday and my easy ride around the loop with Amy on Sunday. I love our Sunday rides... :)

Week 4: I ran 42 miles. This was my best week of training. I can really feel the build up and how I"m getting stronger week to week. Highlight of this week was my 15 miler on Saturday 10/5/13. I was in total control of the run and new I could have gone farther and faster if I wanted to... :) In addition Amy completed her Isagenix 9 day Cleanse this weekend as well with great success. I'm so proud of her!! I will let her post about the details on another post... Great job baby!!! :)

Monthly totals of 146.5 miles.19,970 calories burned with an average heart rate of 148 bpm. Not too shabby for the first month...

So tomorrow starts month number two of marathon training. Still in Mesocycle One - Endurance!! ( insert Sunday Night Football Night in America Voice again)  for another 2 weeks. This coming week will be a tough week. Mileage goes up to 45 miles for the week and this weekend's long run is 16 miles with 10 @ pace!! Ouch!! I'm ready though... The following week it will be a recovery week where my mileage goes down to 37 miles. I'm so looking forward to my recovery week. After that we go into "Mesocyle Two - Lactate Threshold & Endurance!!" ( And again the Sunday night Football Night in America voice :) )  That just sounds hard doesn't it?? lolol

So what cycle are you in for your marathon training?? Tons of people are doing Fall marathons. What race are you training for??

This is TY signing off for now. As always... Allow the Universe to work in your favor and be blessed... :)