Tuesday, September 24, 2013

How to make a fresh hot and spicy salsa!!

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Yesterday I whipped up some tasty hot and spicy salsa for my coworkers. It was kinda like a contest because one of my co-workers brought in her salsa as well but it really wasn't because my salsa is the Best Salsa Ever... :)  It was fun though and everyone enjoyed it. And now I share my salsa making secrets with you...

4 tomatoes - diced
4 cloves of garlic - diced
Fresh cilantro - chopped
3 jalapeno - diced
1 onion – diced
1 lime ( for fresh lime juice )
Salt and Pepper to taste

All the ingredients…

Dice up the tomatoes

 Next chop up the cilantro

 Next chop up the cloves of garlic


Dice up Jalapenos


Dice up the onion
isagenix salsa ingredient


Add the lime juice and salt and pepper to taste... Enjoy... :) 

There you have it. A very simple and healthy snack. I make this salsa at least once a week. If you like it really hot like me you can increase the jalapenos and if you don't like it as hot you can put less in. But who would want to do that???   
This is TY signing off. As always allow the Universe to work in your favor and be blessed... :) 

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