Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Two days on Tuesday...

Happy Tuesday friends!! So I checked my calendar and my 16 week marathon training won't officially start until 9/7/13. Jacksonville marathon is on 12/29/13. I'm very happy about that because I need more time to get this body prepared for another marathon training cycle.

Speaking of my body and getting it prepared I've just starting running again after a 3 week hiatus do to a nagging knee injury. I'm happy to report that the knee is feeling better and I'm excited about running again.  Yea!! :)  So here's how my first 2 days of what I'm calling pre training went...

Monday 8/19/13:  First run back after 3 weeks off. Ran an easy 3 mile recovery run. Stayed at about a 10 min pace just to ease myself back in slowly. The run was nice although I did still feel some pain in the knee by mile 3 it was virtually gone. I got in a good stretch and ice afterwards and recovered with a Isalean Pro chocolate shake. What concerned me most about this run was that my average heart rate was up in Zone 3  (154bpm) even though I was running a very easy pace for me. I know how it is though after not running for a while so I'm expecting that to come back down as I begin to run more.

Tuesday 8/20/13:  12 mile ride thru my neighborhood at 16 mph.  A few too many stops and starts this morning on this ride although it was to be expected because today is the first day of school and we had madd traffic. I enjoyed the ride though and my heart rate was an average 143bpm ( zone 2). About where it should be for an easy ride. Today's recovery drink was a chocolate Isalean shake.

I'm thinking of using a heart rate training plan for the Jacksonville marathon where all of the training is based on what HR zone you should be in and not specific times or distances. Have any of you ever used this type of plan?? If so, do you think this is a good idea for a marathon training plan??

So I'm off to a great start in pre training and looking forward to rocking it the rest of the week!! This is TY signing off for now. As always allow the Universe to work in your favor and be blessed... :)

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