Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Two days on Tuesday - Week 2 of Pre Marathon Training

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Week 2 of pre training for the Jacksonville Marathon on December 29th 2013. Happy to report the knee is feeling good so I here by declare myself whole and well. I will not be speaking of said knee anymore...  :)

Now for the good stuff!! I'm in week two of my pre training before marathon training. Last week I logged 28 miles. 16 running and 12 on the bike. This week I plan to bring that up to 20 running and another 12 on the bike. This week has started out great so far.

Monday: Brick workout. For those of you unfamiliar with what a brick is that is when you do 2 disciplines of a triathlon back to back. I decided to bike and then run. I rode 12.5 miles  at 16mph. Great ride and perfect for warming up my legs. After the bike I hopped off and ran 3 miles at an 8:48 pace. Again not terribly fast for me but it did feel good to pick up the pace on the run and go under a 9 min pace. Recovery drink was an IsaLean Pro chocolate shake.

Tuesday: 4 mile Recovery run with 2 x 100 meter strides in miles 3 & 4. Recovery drink was a Vanilla IsaLean Shake. Great run this morning and the weather was beautiful. Dare I say it was almost cool out??? :) I truly enjoy recovery runs and I'm getting better and better at understanding the importance of recovery runs in any training plan.I must allow my body to recover properly so I can get the best out of my hard workout days.

So the journey continues. Have an awesome day peeps!!
TY signing off. Allow the Universe to work in your favor and be blessed... :)

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