Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Time is NOW

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Good morning team Train Healthy Be Wealthy!! Wanted to share with you a video I shot after my morning run.... For the record I ran a glorious 6 miles this morning with no knee pain. The body is feeling good and  my preparation for marathon training is going smoothly. The weather this morning was wonderful here in Tampa. It must have been about 70 degrees outside with almost no wind. I saw the sun rising over the Hillsborough River as I crossed the bridge and just looked over and gazed for a second and thought about what a magnificent Universe we live in... :)

So what I wanted to share with you today is about living in the NOW. The present moment. The present moment is the only moment that there is. If you want to start something, anything the time to start is NOW.

 Once you start moving forward taking baby steps in that direction just watch as the Universe starts working in your favor to make things happen for you. As Nike says just do it!! :)  Tomorrow never comes.. it's always now. I hope you enjoy the video and it inspires you to reach for your goals starting today... :)

This is TY signing off. Allow the Universe to work in your favor and be blessed... :)

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